break MOZ

Were you and he lovers? And would you say so if you were?*

The answer is yes and yes.

wQr host JEFF KIRBY sits down with filmmaker KEVIN HEGGE (She Said Boom: The Story of Fifth Column) and musician/producer/photographer DON PYLE (Black Heel Marks, Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet) to discuss their undying love/hate relationship with rock god MORRISSEY and his new Penguin Classic, Autobiography.

see also: The Importance of Being Morrissey

*MORRISSEY Alsatian Cousin

6 thoughts on “PREMIERE PODCAST (2014_02_25)

  1. Loved the first part of the podcast will listen later to the rest. Your relationship with him was parallel to mine with dusty on so many levels, AND – I have a copy of Autobiography which I downloaded – that is stole – for my kindle. Looking forward to reading it, Good job M xxx

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