Just how bat-shit crazy is the scene at Toronto Comic Arts Festival (through today at Toronto Reference Library)?

But, I had to go and meet Eric Kostiuk Williams the creator of Hungry Bottom Comics with Issue #3 [feat. Hungry Bottom’s Favourite Albums To Get Fucked To] making it’s glorious debut at the festival. He’s fortunately located in the new rotunda off to the side of the nearly impossible juggernaut on the Main Floor, and fully on display to the many passers-by on Yonge Street. Not only can you pick up all three issues of HBC, there’s a new line of sissy boy T-shirts to sport in Kensington Market where you will find Eric at VIDEOFAG on May 15th (that’s where I’ll be).


And boys? So, so many, just my type, and it’s so crowded there’s simply no choice but to rub against, and mostly, it’s welcome.

Also met the ridiculously hot talent at Colour Code [see: Jesjit] who publish Son of Satan himself, Michael Comeau, where you must pick up his prayer book, The Weight of Prayers, an absolutely brilliant satire on Chick Publications. And Michael was sweet enough to personalize my copy.


Then there’s the cute boy at La Pastèque, an adorable Jordan Shiveley, the great women at the House of Anasi, and Montreal’s Drawn and Quarterly.




Actually, there’s cuties everywhere you look. Go.


Photos: KIRBY

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