“Once you put something out in the world, it doesn’t belong to you anymore,” [Gary] Indiana told me. But when he saw a recent photograph of a stranger seen through a hotel window hung adjacent to an early erotic collage, he admitted he was worried. “I thought, God, are people just going to go on about ‘gay this’ or ‘gay that’? … I mean, I can do stuff like that. I did it in the Participant Inc. show”— referring to his 2013 exhibition, which featured a large silk panel printed with a photograph of a well-endowed man showering. “Everybody took it as some sort of provocation. It wasn’t that at all! We were trying to get a certain wet-looking effect with this silk, and that’s the only image that worked.” In this case, the hotel photograph had been made out of clean curiosity. As he put it, “I have this fixation on people I don’t know—strangers in the street, people living their lives. I find them so moving.”

SARAH COWAN Too Complicated for Human Brains: Gary Indiana’s art “recasts voyeurism as wonder.” The Paris Review. March 24, 2015

Image: GARY INDIANA. Untitled, 2013, inkjet print, 10″ x 15″.

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