I have to tell you
You have to tell me
Love is necessary
It is necessary to write
I have more to say
There is no question of language

And yet, in the end, that’s all there is. Questions. Language. More to say. Because language is like a sense: it’s like seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, though perhaps it’s most like tasting. It’s a way of capturing something and bringing it inside yourself. But this capture is only the beginning. Words, like food, have to be digested, and definitions are like flavors. What you taste when you eat lasagna and what I taste when I eat lasagna and what you mean by love and what I mean by love have both similarities and differences—they may even have more similarities than they have differences, but it’s the differences that divide us, and it’s these divisions that stories like this one hope to narrow. And so to close, one more story:

DALE PECK Visions and Revisions. New York: Soho Press, 2015. p 169-70.

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