Toronto’s Gay Pride Parade is a capitalist capitulation so far from the Queer Liberation I fought for in the 1980s that it badly needed a reminder of its revolutionary roots. Black Lives Matter was that reminder. I thank them for putting their lives and freedom on the line to give us this wake-up call. Whether the parade will allow a police float is the symbol, they brought into sharp relief the conversations that more of us Canadians need to have, the conversations about white supremacy and colonization. Unfortunately it takes guts to have these conversations, and I doubt if Pride is even there yet, still many might never clue in.

In the meantime the trans march that happens on Friday night of Pride weekend, founded seven years ago by a handful of trans folks and their allies, is now the largest in the world. The trans march is political, and I hope it stays that way—because that is where my pride is.

ALEC BUTLER aka WhiteWolf
via SHAWN SYMS “Pride & Prejudice: LGBTQ Writer Roundtable” The Winnepeg Review, July 17, 2016

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