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What do I mean by queer?*

Resilient. Tenacious. Creative. Out there. Joyous. Playful. Catty. Fun. Non-conforming. Fleshy. SparklePony. Baton-twirling. Activist. Sick of rainbows. Pride. Butch. Kween. Friend of Dorothy. Pro-sexual. Unrankled. Big fan of pretty. Plays well in the dark. Reads. Can bend when willing. Loves Mom. Cher. Pink. Warriors. Dancers. Anything flamboyant. Flies in the face of. Any combination of the above or make it up.

SUBMISSION CALL Seeking fresh, invigorating, kickass poetry from LGBTQQIP2SAA+++ poets, including visual/concrete works.**


KFB’sNOT YOUR BEST Series was created in response to “contest culture” to counter silly [rampant] notions of “best/awards/winning” to simply recognize/acknowledge the work itself.

Editor Kirby says,

“I’m a visceral poet and reader, make it memorable. Surprise and delight. Give me something that sticks, that causes…

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