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LGBQT poetry chapbook imprint of knife | fork | book  Edited by FAN WU

Unpredictable podcasts, readings, book swaps, poetry nights, pop-ups, programming and info with a distinctively queer bent.

From the Editor:

fan house

“We’re devoted to publishing queer poets of colour, and we’re looking for work in which queerness is expressed alongside but also beyond identity: in the shifting of selfhood into cosmic matter; in the cyborg animality of our species being; in the sharp turns of deviant syntaxes and semantics. We seek work that interrogates the systems upholding oppression & normativity; that engages with the infinite variety of language & world; that expresses the mutability of things & the complexities of living contradictions. We hope to release the first two chapbooks in winter 2018/19–of inventive, fresh, fierce voices that revel in all the possibilities of queerness.

If you are interested in publishing through the What Queer Reading imprint, please drop me a line at fanwu2@gmail.com.




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